Notice of New Publication — A New Translation of Max Adler’s The Marxist Conception of the State

Mark E. Blum, Professor of History at the University of Louisville, has published a new translation of Max Adler’s Die Staatsauffassung des Marxismus: Ein Beitrag zur Unterscheidung von soziologischer und juristischer Methode (as The Marxist Conception of the State: A Contribution to the Differentiation of the Sociological and the Juristic Method) with Brill. Information regarding the book is available here. The abstract is as follows:

This translation of Max Adler’s Die Staatsauffassung des Marxismus enables English readers to know a significant perspective on Marx’s theory of the state, which was central to the interwar period in which he was writing (1922). In an extended dialogue with democratic jurist Hans Kelsen, Adler shows that the so-called necessity of law as the neutral arbiter of a democratic society has been heretofore a flawed imposition of the authoritative understandings of the ruling classes. Adler brings to his argument the Kantian concept of “sociation”, where every human judgment perforce sets its determinations within its view of the social whole, demonstrating that an accurate comprehension of interdependent equality that realizes an objective “sociation” can only occur in a “classless” society.