Methods Workshop on Law and Marxism

Do you use Marxist theory in your legal studies research? What are the methodologies you use for your work? What challenges have you faced?

The Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context at the School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London invites doctoral students, ECRs and academics working in the field of law and Marxism to share their research and to think collectively through what Marxian methodologies look like in legal studies. What do dialectical and materialist methodologies look like in legal research? What resources and materials should we use in our methodologies?

This workshop, 11 November 2022, is intended for people working in the field of law and Marxism to share their thoughts on the benefits but also challenges of engaging in such research.

Location: School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London, 335 Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4FQ (Room 313).

The workshop will consist of two sessions.

Roundtable: Individual Presentations: 2.30pm-4pm

Each participant will be invited to briefly summarise their own research, focusing their contribution on the Marxist aspects of their work and on the methodologies they deploy in that regard. We want to hear about how you designed your project, structured your methodology, how they are ‘marxian’ and what were the challenges you faced.

Discussion- 4.30-6

In this session, the facilitators will present a series of questions to the group for discussion, as well as open the floor for suggestions about how to build up a community of researchers engaged in law and marxism.

This is an in-person workshop. Given the nature of the workshop the number of participants are capped. Register here.