This page charts our posts to date, providing a taxonomy of our interventions. As with any such archival map, it is but one among many possible ways of organizing our work. We invite you to use your imaginations and dive in.


Law in Labour

William Clare Roberts (here) | Matthew Dimick (here) | Claire Mummé (here)

Also see Alexis Cukier (here, here, and here) | Facundo C. Rocca (here, here, and here)


State Theory Today

Chris O’Kane (here, here, and here) | Rob Hunter (here) | Stephen Maher and Rafael Khachaturian (here) | Coel Kirkby (here and here) | Nate Holdren (here) | Kirstin Munro (here)

Also see Akbar Rasulov (here, here, and here)


Constitutionalism and State Power

Anton Jäger (here) | Camila Vergara (here, here, and here) | Rob Hunter (here, hereherehere, and here) | Marco Goldoni (here) | Bill Bowring (here) | Dimitrios Kivotidis (here) | Pablo Ciocchini and Stefanie Khoury (here) | Rafael Khachaturian (here)


Colonialism and Displacement

Susan Dianne Brophy (here and here) | Jasmine Chorley (here) | Chris Szabla (here)


Human Rights

Jon Piccini (here) | Paul O’Connell (here and here) | Jessica Whyte (here) | Nicole Landry (here and here) | Michael Fakhri (here and here)


Legal Form and Social Constitution

Igor Shoikhedbrod (here) | Liam McHugh-Russell (here) | Tormod Otter Johansen (here)


Law and Class Struggle

Paul O’Connell (here) | Umut Özsu (here and here)


On the International Front

Ivana Isailovic (here) | Edoardo Stoppioni (here) | Miriam Bak McKenna (here and here) | Eric Loefflad (here) | Christopher M. J. Boyd (here) | Alessandra Asteriti (here) | Richard Seymour (here)


Beyond “Base” and “Superstructure”

Anandha Krishna Raj (here) | Nate Holdren (here) | Matthew Dimick (here)



Rafael Khachaturian on Asad Haider (here) | Joshua Shaw on Mario Mieli (here) | Stuart Schrader on Sidney L. Harring (here, here, and here) | Cyra Akila Choudhury on Cynthia Grant Bowman (here)



“The Loss of Nicos Poulantzas: The Elusive Answer” — A Translation by Rafael Khachaturian (here) | “The Korean War and the Ontology of Intervention: Chen Tiqiang’s ‘Who Is Undermining International Law?’ (1950)” — A Translation by Ryan Mitchell (here)